[LUZI] Blured Chitara (Rock Me! by Anna Sui)

Referensi: Anna Sui

Rock Me! promoted as “the essence of young fruit wild flowers,” and it came in more as compared to the glam pop music or classic rock. personality is expressed quite well by the video animation “Rock Me”: butterfly record an instant release from guitar music, Pixies perform catchy theme song, peace signs and flowers on screen messed up, and model Agyness Deyn made ​​several appearances, looking over-accessorized but cheerful. Perfume itself is also bright and neatly structured.
Anna Sui Rock Me! create your world with fragrance, a new bold wild. A little bit glam rock, a whole lot of fun. For nights when you want to join the band, came out with your friends. Wear black, black nail polish, black-rimmed eyes.

It’s the sweet side of the rebels dangerous, mysterious,. However, very romantic and charming in the liver.

Rock Me is a fruity-floral notes combination of the which is filled with liveliness and attraction.

  • Top notes incorporate William pear, green orange and peach skin,
  • Aromas of the which add a heart – honeysuckle, jasmine and lotus.
  • A base encompasses cedar, amber and vanilla.

Feel the coolness perfume stick on your body. Get immediately before running out.


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