[LUZI, CHARABOT, PARFEX] Extreme (Bvlgari Extreme)

Reference: Bvlgari

Parfex: X-treme

Charabot: Bulgariens Indo

One of the most successful perfume – The Like and the Search for all persons

With Fresh aromas – and the power of Long Lasting Appeal No (Bvl Extreme)

Was first introduced by alm. Perfume Refill Begawan Semarang as Bvlgari EXTREME OUTDOOR – ​​because whatever our activities outside the field (sweating and body odor) – Fresh and Long lasting scent is not too clear right
The impression obtained from the Bvlgari Extreme users are men who Formal, Conservative, Straight To The Point Also Smart. Durability ranged from 8-10 hours, including the type of perfume that Body Heat Activated, which will increasingly menyeruakkan aroma when exposed to sweat. Suitable for use of Office Hours, makes you look like office workers with a formal black pants, shirt and tie without a jacket, ah yes, suitable for use by people working in banks and lawyers. For the age range can be used for 22-35 years of age.

For Perfume Lover’s who likes perfume has a sensitive nose, do Sniff test first before buying Bvlgari Extreme, do not do blind buy because fragrance Bvlgari Extreme including nose piercing enough, And I Mean It Literally. Do not try, for whatever your guts, never even thought about it.


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